My Complete Fiction Collection

I finally shoved all of the stray books in my room onto my bookshelves so I could take a picture of my complete fiction collection. There are a few autobiographies and memoirs thrown in here and there, but this is 99% fiction. My book collection has changed a lot in the past two years. I got rid of/donated a ton of books (about 300) that were for early readers and started buying a bunch of newer, mostly diverse YA, NA, literary fiction titles to replace them. I don’t think my diverse book count is greater than my non-diverse book count yet, but it’s getting there.

How I Organize My Books:

  • The overarching organization scheme is alphabetically by author’s last name.
  • Books in a series are placed together and arranged in chronological order.
  • Books by the same author are arranged either by publication order or by size from smallest to largest.
  • Anthologies in which the stories are all by the same author are grouped with books by that author.
  • Anthologies that are by multiple authors are groued seall together at the very end of my collection, after the Zs, and arranged in order by [first] editor’s last name

If I didn’t arrange my books this way, I’d never be able to find anything. Haven’t updated my inventory in a while, so I’m not sure exactly how many books I have (some of these are omnibus editions so they’re actually more than one book). My best estimate is somewhere around 500. I’ve been reading and collecting YA books since circa 2003, so this is some 13-odd years’ worth of books (granted, I purchased a lot of them in the past two years, but a decent number were published years ago and/or I first read them during the 2003-2014 time period). I might update this with my book count later on.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, my camera sucks. =___=

My main wall of shelves. There are two more against the opposite wall, one with prose novels, the other with manga.

Now, all of my shelves, one by one.

Shelf 1: Abawi-D’Lacey
Shelf 2: D’Lacey-Lam
Shelf 3: Lasky-Nix
Shelf 4: Nix-Redgate
Shelf 5: Rodda-Zia+anthologies+three miscellaneous books that aren’t fiction

See any familiar titles and authors? πŸ˜€

12 thoughts on “My Complete Fiction Collection

  1. Based on these shelves, we have a lot in common! I’m curious about two series in particular. Diane Duane’s Wizard series – somehow I stopped reading this at Wizards at War despite the cliffhanger ending. Did the next book fulfill the cliffhanger well? And I loved Marie Lu’s Legend but have been hesitant to read the rest of the series out of fear it’ll disappoint me like the Hunger Games did. Does it carry through?


    1. With Wizards at War are you referring to what happened to Roshaun? Because A Wizard of Mars doesn’t answer that question, and I’m not sure about Games Wizards Play because I haven’t read it yet. It should be answered at some point, but I dunnon when that will be.

      As for Legend, I enjoyed the series, and while the ending upset/disappointed some people because it wasn’t the happily ever after kind, I thought it was an appropriate ending. I think it just depends on the person.

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      1. Too bad, I was hoping the recent releases offered some closure. I don’t mind if the ending isn’t happily ever after as long as it is realistic within the series, so it sounds like I should give the rest of the Legend books a try.


  2. OMG ❀ I am so impressed with your organisation. Since I've moved about a lot in the last two years (between countries and just in the UK!) my books are scattered all over the place. Quite literally in my current house, as it has NO BOOKSHELVES. (wtf I hear you say). Having such organisation is my dream!


  3. Your anthology shelf looks amazing o.o Will be borrowing Grace Lin + Stacey Lee’s books this year to read from a friend. I have the paperback of Grace of Kings but it’s good to know that it looks about the same size as the hardcover =). I’m also ecstatic to find someone else who collects Patricia Mckillip’s books too (her book covers by Kinuko Y. Craft are stunning). Also, I adore Earthsea.

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    1. I’ve only read a few of Patricia McKillip’s books but I really liked The Forgotten Beasts of Eld+Od Magic (haven’t reread Od Magic but I remember there was a theme about the importance of learning; I mentioned it when I was interviewing with Princeton back in my college application days…) And yeah, the covers are like half the reason I collect the books πŸ˜€
      I haven’t read Earthsea yet but it’s on my TBR and I learned recently that there are 6 books in the series so my collection is incomplete aaaahhh


      1. I remember liking how a character in Od Magic was a gardener/connected with nature and centred their learning around it – I love how you mentioned it in an application! Ombria in Shadow + In The Forests of Serre are my favourites by her. I thought I had read all of the Earthsea books in high school but I might have missed the last few, so it’s one I have to re-read + chase up on. The first book is special to me because I read it when I was 12 and it was the only fantasy book that I found with a POC protagonist. I’m guessing my current focus on reading diverse SFF might be related to that XD


      2. I’ve read the Annals from the Western Shore series featuring POC. Gifts was probably my first Le Guin book not counting the Catwings series for younger readers.


      3. oo I remember reading Gifts too! I also read Voices but both are blurry memories as I read them when I was a kid.I never got to read Catwings, she’s written so much (+ continues to write which is awesome). I’ve been reading more of her adult books lately but will definitely revisit her younger lit. too.

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