Review Policy

Review Copies:

I accept review copies but reserve the right to decline offers on the basis of personal interest or time constraints. I eventually purchase finished copies of books that I like, so I pass on ARCs/galleys/etc. to other people for free.

Preferred Genre:

My favorite genre is fantasy, particularly high fantasy, and I read mostly young adult and middle grade fiction. However, I’m not very picky as far as genre or target age group goes. If the premise of a book interests me, I’ll read it even if it isn’t under one of my favorite genres. The only type of book I will auto-reject is erotica.

Formats Accepted:

I accept both physical copies and e-copies. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, so any ebook file would need to be compatible with the Kindle. PDFs are also okay, though not ideal.

Self-Publishers and Indie Publishers:

Since I recognize the barriers many authors face to breaking into mainstream publishing, I am more than happy to review books that are self-published or published by an independent press.

Response and Review Timeline:

You can expect a response to a request/query within 2-3 business days.

I read very fast, averaging about 120 pages per hour, with some variation depending on the formatting of the text and the level of my interest in the story. If I am not busy, it should not take more than 3-4 days for me to finish a book. Writing a review takes me 1-2 days. However, since I am also reviewing books that I read for my own leisure, I may not start reading a review copy immediately. Given these parameters, it would be reasonable to expect a review for a book within 2-3 weeks of me receiving it.

Disclaimer Statements:

The majority of books I read are books I’ve purchased, borrowed from the library, or received as a gift. Reviews are based on finished copies unless otherwise stated. If I am reviewing a review copy, I will state this in my review and note that I did not receive any kind of compensation for the review. I generally finish the books I start, but if I do not finish a book for any reason, I will say so in my review.

Ratings and Review Style:

My reviews are preceded by a brief summary of the book in my own words. I do not include any kind of numerical rating in my reviews because I find it difficult to quantify my impressions. I think it is more important to discuss the qualitative aspects of the book. I usually comment on basic elements like plot, characterization, and theme(s). I also discuss the quality of representation for marginalized groups. I am honest but fair in my assessments, meaning I will state very plainly what I like and dislike about the book. My impressions tend to be subjective and personal; I talk about the things that resonate with me and my experiences. In addition, I provide critical analysis of the story using tools from my academic background in Asian American studies and Asian studies.

My reviews tend to be on the long side. Including the summary, shorter reviews average 400 words, the typical review totals probably 800 words, and longer reviews can top 1200 words.

Posting Reviews:

All of my reviews will be posted on this blog under the “Review” category. I also share links to my reviews on my Twitter account. My Twitter handle is @theshenners.

Blog Tours/Interviews/Giveaways:

I’m open to hosting blog tours, interviews, and giveaways. Just let me know what the timeline is, and I’ll be able to provide an answer as to whether my schedule can accommodate it.


You may contact me via the form on my Contact page.